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Atlas Golf Hit Tape Combo (125 Pieces of Wood Hit Tape and 125 Pieces of Iron Hit Tape)

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There is nothing as embarrassing as shanking your ball in front of your entire group. Dealing with improper contact is difficult to correct when you do not have access to expensive equipment like a slow motion camera or shot tracker. Luck for you, our Atlas Golf Hit Tape is a cheap and easy way to get instant feedback and correct the issue. Simply stick on our carbon paper hit tape and simply hit the ball. By looking at the tape you can instantly tell where on the clubface you had hit it, and if you had hit it fat or thin. Our tape comes in two designs (iron and wood club face) so it fits on any club. We offer three options of purchase for people who want to use it on their irons (125 pieces of iron hit tape option), woods (125 pieces of wood hit tape option), or both (125 pieces of iron hit tape and 125 pieces of wood hit tape). Along with its affordable price and great function, our hit tape comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and free exchange. Stop shanking your shots and be more consistent when you start using our hit tape during your practice sessions.

  • Carbon Paper Hit Tape
  • Visual Indicator Of Club Face Contact
  • Square Clubface And Contact Trainer
  • Different Designs For Clubhead Shapes (Irons And Woods)
  • Combo Pack Is Available
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee And Free Exchange